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  • Surviving the Wild West Days of Information Technology

    Surviving the Wild West Days of Information Technology


    Pastor Clarence William Page

    Beware of "Technology Depression"

    During the past thirty years the world has made monumental strides (if not a quantum leap) in the realm of information technology. Average civilians can do things now that, in 1988, seemed only a scientific dream. In spite of the great (and unexpected) progress, there are many dangers.

    We are still in the "wild, wild west" era of information technology. "Computer slingers" can use computers as weapons to destroy the reputation, credibility, employment, opportunities, acceptance, and even mental stability of human beings. I speak not of "computer slingers" as in hackers; rather, I speak of regular, everyday use of computers in businesses and organizations. We are not often aware of what others enter (about us) into computers. We are at a great disadvantage. (We don't know what we don't know.) So, while the positive uses of computers are great; the sinister and evil uses of computers can be worse.

    Our mental health often depends on how we perceive and process information, data and the character of the situations from which they emanate. Weak minds can become overwhelmed and compromised by the impact of unjust and sinister attacks carried out by "computer slingers".

    While we remain in the wild, wild west era of information technology, there is not much we can do to fully free ourselves from sinister and unjust uses of computers. For one thing, we often do not know who posted the negative information about us, what exactly was posted, when it was posted, specifically where it was (and is) posted and in what form it was posted. (If, for example, we knew all of the aforementioned unknowns, we still do not usually have the authority and access to set the record straight.) So, clearly, we are currently at great disadvantage.

    Do not succumb to "Technology Depression". Overcome it!

    Our world will slowly begin to ameliorate some of the above-mentioned risks. In the meantime, we must cope (both practically and mentally). I propose (as starters) the following remedies:

    1. Don't deal with known crooks.

    2. Safeguard your personal and business information.

    3. Carefully assess the people with whom you do business.

    4. When dealing with companies and organizations, do your best to deal only with individuals and representatives that mean you well.

    5. Get it in writing (get transcripts, emails and other written proof of the nature and content of your transactions.)

    6. Test your relationship with companies and organizations (ask questions, make requests, ask about your status, etc.)

    7. Take note of any irregularities, "glitches", denials of services, strange or unusual inquiries, etc.)

    8. Note any rejections you receive (try your best to find out the real reasons for the rejections).

    9. Seek independent testimonials (both good and bad) concerning the business or organization.

    10. Keep a journal of your interactions with the business or organization (including date, time, purpose, people spoken to, results of meetings, agreements, disagreements, witnesses, promises received and made, etc.).

    In spite of all your vigilance, it is likely that you may encounter unfair and sinister activities. Such injustice can affect the mental health of weak-minded individuals. Prepare yourself for such possible unfair and sinister activities. Decide ahead of time that you will not let them knock you out of the box mentally. Be strong in mind, resolve and will. Act responsibly and legally. Be steadfast, strong and exhibit courage. Control your emotions. Overcome your fears. Have faith in God and trust Him.

    Having faith in (and trusting) God is the key to your mental and emotional well-being. God knows all about it. God knows everything. He knows all the who, what, when, where, how and whys. He has the power to change things. He has the power to correct the situations. He has the power to handle your adversaries. Trust Him!

    We are truly walking through the wild, wild west of information technology. We can walk alone (and more than likely fail) or we can walk with God and succeed.

    As for your reputation, don't worry about what men and women say about you; rather, be more concerned about what Almighty God knows about you. Ask Almighty God to (based on what He knows about you) advocate for you and win the battles and bring about true justice.

    If you are Saved, remember, He that is in you is greater than he that is in the world.

    4 Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world. (1 John 4:4 - - - in the Holy Bible)

    Clarence William Page is an Ordained Christian Minister (OCM)

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