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  • Before You Get App-Happy

    Before You Get "App-Happy"

    Clarence William Page

    High Point, NC - - (June 15, 2018) - - Do you just "love" apps? Apps are very convenient tools. They make online experiences more efficient and convey an appreciable degree of ease, comfort and pleasure.

    But wait! What can that app really do? Well, sure, it can fetch the site you want to experience (and it can usually fetch it quickly). But what else can (or does) that app do? Before downloading an app, one would be wise to answer that question.

    There is speculation that one social media company's app may be using your cellular phone's microphone to record your conversations. Reportedly, the company seems to indicate that such activity is not occurring. The definitive verdict is still out but some people are skeptical. Since the verdict is out I will not venture to name the company.

    Suggestion: Before downloading an app, do some research. Find out what others are saying about that app and its benefits and risks. In some cases, you may decide to skip certain apps.

    About the author:
    Clarence William Page is an Internet Webmaster. He has been Online for more than thirty five years.