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    by Published on 03-29-2018 05:44 PM     Number of Views: 227 

    The Privatization Trick

    An Editorial by Clarence William Page, Editor

    It is my opinion that privatization of government assets is one of the worse things that can happen to a country. The assets of a country are owned by all the people of that country. When the assets of the country are privatized, usually all the people of the country lose.

    The rich are usually further enriched by privatization. Many government assets are of immense value. Sometimes the rich take control by saying they are going to "operate" the asset for the government. That can be a "foot in the doorway" that leads to full privatization.

    What are Americans thinking? Why would Americans approve of the privatization of our assets? Are we really that naive? Are Americans so addicted to sports and entertainment that they don't really care what is happening to the assets of this great nation?

    In my opinion, privatization of government assets is little more than a trick the crooked rich play on the gullible and unsuspecting poor. I think Americans should wake up before it is much too late.

    Many Americans are listening to those super rich media commentators and drinking down their tranquilizing propaganda. Do you not realize that many of those people stand to gain much through privatization? Many of them have their own jet aircraft and are flying around America and the world often. They are spending money fast and some of them are looking for ways to get more money. Some are highly invested in many businesses and are looking for other ways to get assets at a bargain. They are business people. They are looking for money (that's why some of them are so fond of foreign nations that are known to have lots of money).

    Privatization of government assets can also be a great security risk. Some government leaders are willing to enrich themselves by selling government assets to foreign nations. That presents many national security risks. That kind of government official cannot be trusted (and is probably a traitor).

    Americans can wake up or lose. It is up to Americans. I am awake.

    Clarence William Page is the editor of the Light To Guide Our Feet sites and operator of the morehere.org Internet domain

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    February 23, 2018

    The Unusual Targeting of the Young Innocents

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    Reportedly, since 1973 Americans have killed more than 55 million children in the mother's womb. That is a massacre of unfathomable proportion. The slaughter of young, living, growing, innocent, helpless, defenseless babies in the
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    When the Bad Come In with the Good

    Fifty Years of abuse of the U.S. Civil Rights movement

    The civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960 forced a crack in the door of American racial discrimination. Negroes (as we were often called ...
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    Violence In The United States of America

    The farther the United States of America gets away from the True and Living God, the farther it will get away from truly living in peace. The same is true for all of Planet Earth.