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  • Nanoscience

    Science at the Atomic Level


    C. William Page

    The Age of Nanoscience

    Science at the Nano level offers the prospect of vastly increased accessibility and utility. The atomic molecular domain contains the very building blocks of objects that exist and function in time and space. The nanoscientist of today is likely to hand off to the bright-eyed science professional of tomorrow a discipline and body of knowledge pregnant with opportunities, eliciting innovative exploration and fraught with unknown risks. As the infant in the womb, the time of nanoscience has apparently come. Whether we are ready or not it is here. How will we treat this infant science of "small things"?

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    by Published on 12-20-2016 09:45 PM

    Neutrons Reveal Potential Dangers of Gold Nanoparticles – Pharma’s Drug Delivery Agent of the Future

    • High concentrations of positively charged gold flakes shown to penetrate deep into the cell’s outer membrane destroying it, whilst negatively charged particles can stabilise the membrane

    • First finding from research project at ILL to help better understand safe handling and use of potentially valuable nanoparticles