• Do You Have Time To Be Blessed?

    Do You Have Time To Be Blessed?

    Friend, do you have time to be blessed? This is a most serious question. You see, many people of our day are too busy for God. Their lives are filled with what they think are the most important activities but oftentimes those activities do not include God. Interacting with God takes time, quality time. God is a Spiritual person. He wants fellowship with us. True fellowship requires time and involvement. Many people will never touch God effectively because they are not willing to spend quality time reading His word, praying, and doing the loving works He commands. That is one of the great failures of our age - - the unwillingness to commit quality time to the things that are of God.

    Truly, this work requires time, quality time; and I have made a commitment to give that time. It is the greatest investment of time I have ever made and its rewards are beyond words. I testify that nothing compares to spending quality time with God. It is the only way to truly receive God's best.

    Great men such as the Apostle Peter, John the Apostle, the Apostle Paul, Martin Luther, Charles Wesley, John Wesley, Charles Spurgeon, and many others, demonstrated what can occur when one invests time fellowshipping with God.

    The lives of many great men and women of our age also demonstrate that God is still in the fellowshipping and blessing business. May His true fellowship and blessing find open avenues into your life.

    Author: Pastor Clarence William Page