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    Mother's Day 100 Years Ago

    Clarence William Page

    May 12, 2019

    History, written as it happens, should be the most reliable record. This account of history 100 years ago (as you read it on Mother's Day 2119) is being written with such reliability in mind.

    Doubtless, all who were age 30 years and older on Mother's Day 2019 are no longer present in the flesh on Planet Earth as you read this historical account on Mother's Day 2119.

    Ideally, history should be fact (as opposed to mere opinion); however, since I am presenting my view of the Mother's Day 2019 happenings, conditions and situations on Planet Earth, I must categorize it as opinion rather than fact (though I personally view it as being fact).

    On Mother's Day 2019 Planet Earth is splintered. It is factionalized. It is in turmoil. It is in a tug of war. It is unsettled. It is pulsating. It is beginning to shudder and (if the current course continues) may be on the verge of trembling.

    Spiritually, Planet Earth is receding. Earth is seeking to shed the influence of Christianity. Christianity is (on Mother's Day 2019) Planet's Earth's leading religion (claiming approximately 33%* of all people of faith). The two thousand years old faith (Christianity) has made phenomenal progress during its reign. Rooted in Judaism, Christianity has swept much of the world and spawned unexpected progress in many areas of human endeavor. Now, Christianity is seen as the faith to beat (to surpass). Its adversaries are many.

    Some of Christianity's main adversaries are*:

    ⦁ Islam(ism)
    ⦁ Secular(ism)
    ⦁ Nonreligious(ism)
    ⦁ Agnostic(ism)
    ⦁ Atheist(ism)
    ⦁ Hindu(ism)

    The adversaries of Christianity have engaged on a campaign of promoting and mainstreaming ideas, philosophies and practices that are anti-Christian. (By the way, I am a Christian). In the campaign to promote anti-Christian ideas and practices, some have sought to outlaw (through use of the legislative and justice systems) practices that are definitively Christian. Beyond that, some are seeking to make it illegal to even speak of basic Christian principles and values.

    Concerning speech and the ability to communicate basic Christian principles and values, this opposition is a new low. The country in which I live (the United States of America) has a Constitution which includes Amendments called the Bill of Rights. The First Amendment (contained in the U.S. Bill of Rights) seeks to guarantee "freedom of speech". Adversaries of Christianity are seeking to limit the freedom of speech of Christians.

    Included in the basic principles are Christianity are the following:

    ⦁ God is the Creator
    ⦁ God created Planet Earth
    ⦁ God made a man (thus men, males)
    ⦁ God made a woman (thus women, females)
    ⦁ God created and ordained the family unit (male marries female and they produce children)
    ⦁ God is One.
    ⦁ God commands human beings to serve and obey Him.
    ⦁ Having any "god" beside Almighty God is an offence against God
    ⦁ Taking God's name in vain is an offence against God
    ⦁ Stealing is an offence against God
    ⦁ Killing is an offence against God
    ⦁ Lying is an offence against God.
    ⦁ Failing to obey father and mother is an offence against God.
    ⦁ Committing adultery (in marriage) is an offence against God.
    ⦁ Coveting what others have is an offence against God.
    ⦁ Failing to observe a Holy day is an offence against God.

    One hundred years ago (Mother's Day 2019) all of the above basic principles of Christianity were under severe and constant attack. It had gotten so bad until people were going into churches and shooting people point blank; while others were donning suicide vests and blowing themselves up in the midst of church congregations.

    Yes, on Mother's Day one hundred years ago (2019) Planet Earth was in terrible condition. I truly hope the situations are totally different (better) as you celebrate Mother's Day today (in 2119).

    On Mother's Day one hundred years ago (2019) the situation in my country (the United States of America) was chaotic. We had two main political parties (the Democrats and the Republicans). They were at each other's throats. The President (of the United States of America) was a Republican. The Democrats appeared to hate him. He was hounded with investigations. The word "impeachment" was on the lips of many Democrats. In their pursuit of him, a Special Counsel was appointed. He led a legal probe that came to be known as the "Mueller Investigation". It appears that the Democrats had hoped to use the findings of the Mueller investigation to impeach the President. At the writing of this account, it does not appear that the findings of the Mueller investigation provided the evidence needed for impeachment. The Democrats, apparently disappointed with the results of the Mueller investigation, are now using Congressional committees to seek additional information about the President and his activities. (The word "impeachment" is still on the lips of some.)

    This situation (with the President) is probably a little more serious that it may seem. You see, the President is a rather strong personality; and, he has (in business) fought many battles. So, this is no ordinary fight because the person they are fighting is no ordinary person. What is it like? It is like having a tiger by the tail. When the tiger finally shakes you off his tail you may want to run (very fast!). It appears to me that the results of the Mueller investigation were tantamount to the tiger shaking his pursuers off his tail.

    So, in the United States of America, the political parties are in pitched battles. By now (100 years later) you know the outcomes.

    Aside from the political battles between the Democrats and the Republicans, many other things are happening in the United States of America. We have many domestic problems. We have foreign affairs problems (in some ways we are still playing the "World Leader" game). So, our lives are filled with problems.

    Domestically, the problems are numerous:

    ⦁ Many of our basic industries have been transferred overseas and/or off-shore
    ⦁ Much of our nation's infrastructure is deteriorating
    ⦁ Many Americans have to work two or three jobs (every day!) just to make a living.
    ⦁ Tens of thousands of our people are homeless
    ⦁ Individual American wealth has plummeted
    ⦁ Many many Americans have lost their homes
    ⦁ It appears that the U.S. Government is no longer putting emphasis on individual home ownership
    ⦁ Americans are aborting their children (over 60 million American children aborted during the past 45 years!)
    ⦁ We have an opioid crisis
    ⦁ Americans are committing suicide (by the multiple thousands annually!)
    ⦁ Some Americans are clamoring to make euthanasia legal (so they can put themselves to death)

    Economically, there is much division. The rich have too much and the poor have too little. It is said that most of America's wealth is owned or controlled by 1% of the population (the financially rich). We have not yet figured out how to make capitalism work for individual citizens (thus the vast numbers of poor Americans and the shamefully high number of homeless Americans).

    America is headed toward economic apartheid. (The super rich will rule and control the "have-nots".) Maybe your 2119 life is a direct product of this economic inequality; for, history tells us that "the roots of the present are deep in the past".

    If you are still operating under capitalism, you need to find a way to make it fair for all (our leaders were not wise enough [or didn't care enough] to make it fair).

    In America today (Mother's Day 2019) there is a tug of war between what is called "capitalism" and what is called "socialism". The rich want to protect capitalism; but, some of the "have-nots" are beginning to favor socialism. The current President (said to be a billionaire) is a staunch supporter of capitalism.

    In fact, America already practices as form of socialism; but, rather than it being socialism for individuals, it appears to be socialism for businesses. (That is a long story and I will not venture into it in this discussion). Suffice it to say that the present administration (led by a President who is a lifetime businessman) appears to favor businesses. Additionally, his party (the Republican Party) has a long and storied history of favoring businesses over individuals.

    On Mother's Day 2019 (one hundred years ago) there is much division between groups and cultures. There is also much division within some groups. Political parties are capitalizing on the divisions. The following are examples of some of the divisions:

    Some of the groups capitalized on by the Democrat Party include:

    ⦁ Abortion supporters
    ⦁ Lesbian supporters
    ⦁ Gay supporters
    ⦁ Bi-sexual supporters
    ⦁ Transgender supporters
    ⦁ Immigrant supporters
    ⦁ Union supporters
    ⦁ University supporters
    ⦁ Medical profession supporters
    ⦁ Euthanasia supporters
    ⦁ Women's liberation supporters
    ⦁ African American supporters
    ⦁ Globalists supporters

    Some of the groups capitalized on by the Republican Party include:

    ⦁ Wealthy business supporters
    ⦁ White Anglo-Saxon Protestants supporters
    ⦁ Many Roman Catholic supporters
    ⦁ Anti-abortion (ProLife) supporters
    ⦁ Basic Christian values supporters
    ⦁ White supremacist supporters
    ⦁ White racist supporters
    ⦁ Cuban Ex­-patriot supporters
    ⦁ White "Law and Order" law enforcement supporters
    ⦁ Globalists supporters
    ⦁ Gun enthusiasts (U.S. Second Amendment protection) supporters

    Political campaigns are often filled with expensive television commercials designed to appeal to the group the political party is trying to influence. Some of the examples are as follows:

    ⦁ In order to appeal to African Americans, the Democrat Party will run advertisements highlighting the evils White Americans have done to African Americans.
    ⦁ In order to appeal to White supremacists and racists, the Republican Party will run advertisements highlighting the crimes African Americans have committed against White people.

    (Those strategies work like cleverly crafted charms!)

    Often, the advertisements reach their intended audiences and help determine their votes.

    Let's examine one of the groups to which the political parties attempt to appeal. I am African American; so, let's examine my group. Being African American, I am "expected" to support the Democrat Party. Why? It is because the Democrat Party is more open and welcoming to African Americans than is the Republican Party. Logically then, African Americans should support the Democrat Party (and most African Americans do support the Democrat Party). Nevertheless, I am not a member of the Democrat Party. Why? I am not a member of the Democrat Party because I believe some of the issues they support are unGodly. Normally, I am registered as "Independent" or "Unaffiliated". (I am not sure how I am currently registered.) At any rate I am not a member of the Democrat Party; and, because the Republican Party appears to be partial to White supremacists and racists, I do not intend to be a member of the Republican Party. This is an example of the political situation in the United States of America on Mother's Day 100 years ago.

    To be sure, most African Americans view me as being ignorant and stupid. After all, we (African Americans) are a minority group and our only chance of gaining political power is by voting together in a party that welcomes, supports and promotes us. (The Democrat Party does all of that.) So, why would I not join the Democrat Party? The answer is simple: I am a Christian minister. I am devoted to the basic principles and commands of Almighty God. In my opinion, many of the practices embraced and promoted by the Democrat Party are totally offensive to Almighty God. I will not offend Almighty God.

    On the other hand, I will not embrace White supremacy and/or White racism. Thus, I cannot be a member of the Republican Party. Clearly, many of the people in the Republican Party are uncomfortable when around African American (Black) people. (Even the President appears to be uncomfortable around African American people who are not subordinate to him.)

    Technologically (on Mother's Day 100 years ago), artificial intelligence (called "AI") was seeking to take the lead and carry human beings "where they had never been before". Indeed, at one point, it appeared that human beings might become subordinated and subjugated to technology. In some workplaces, AI technology is expected to totally replace human beings.

    For some (especially some who are rich), technology, AI and other advanced forms of technological and scientific advancements represent the possibility of escaping Planet Earth (for life on another planet). They are very serious about this (and, by now, you may have visited one or more of those planets or objects in space). Anyway, on Mother's Day one hundred years ago (2019), many people were viewing AI as their ticket out of this place (Planet Earth).

    Enough about outer space. Before we get too far afield, let's take a look as some "down to earth" technology. On Mother's Day 2019 we had this thing called the "Internet". (Surely, you have long discarded that slow and ancient system of communication.) Anyway, the Internet was "the thing". It gave public and distributive voice to countless millions of human beings. As a matter of fact, the Internet was so effective in liberating silenced peoples that, some of the "movers and shakers" in power (both in politics and technology) sought to severely limit access to the Internet. In essence, the Internet empowered people. Tyrants do not like empowered people. So, as tyrants increase, the power of the people will likely decrease.

    In foreign affairs, the United States of America is still subsidizing the world. We have military personnel stationed in countless places around the world (and the American taxpayer is footing the bills). Need I say more?

    Economically, it appears that the rich are playing a game called "International Monopoly". (Monopoly is a game of selfish economics which involves buying, selling, trading and controlling.) In this game of International Monopoly, many of America's basic industries have been sold or traded away (transferred overseas and/or off-shore). If, one hundred years later, you are struggling economically, it might (just might) have something to do with this game of International Monopoly which was played 100 years ago. (Remember: "The roots of the present are deep in the past".)

    I have strongly advocated for the well-being of America's future. Specifically, I have strongly and consistently encouraged the President to take action to bring back America's basic industries. He has embarked on a tariffs campaign but not many business leaders seem interested in changing the status quo. So, if your 2119 America is suffering economically, please don't blame me. I tried to prevent the maladies you are suffering.

    Finally, lest you think all is bad on Mother's Day 2019 (one hundred years ago), I must hasten to outline some of the good things that are happening:

    ⦁ The President of the United States of America is pushing back against some of the forces who are seeking to destroy Christianity
    ⦁ It had become "politically incorrect" to say the word "Christmas". The President of the United States of America pushed back against that attack.
    ⦁ Christians were being forced to participate in activities that were offensive to both their faith and their consciences. The President of the United States of America pushed back against those attacks.
    ⦁ Christian thought, dialogue, discussion and discourse were being censored and shut down on university campuses. The President of the United States of America and his administration pushed back against those attacks.
    ⦁ Christians and conservatives were being kicked off "Social Media" (that was a part of the Internet). The President of the United States of America pushed back against those attacks.
    ⦁ There were many sinister attacks on both the First Amendment and the Second Amendment. The President of the United States of America pushed back against those attacks.

    As you can see, the America of 100 years ago (2019) was a challenging place. For me (an African American) it presented no easy decisions. Just consider the following:

    ⦁ As an African American, the Democrat Party was best for me.
    ⦁ As a Christian minister, the Republican Party was best for me.

    Maybe we can sum it up this way: The America of Mother's Day 2019 (100 years ago) was an America of unsatisfactory choices.

    Happy Mother's Day 2119!!!

    And, oh, I forgot!!! On Mother's Day 100 years ago (2019) it was no longer necessary to be a woman in order to be a Mother. What?!?!?! It is a long, long, long story!!!

    Plus, now (in 2019) we have this thing called "hate speech". If I tell you the real truth they will probably call it "hate speech". (Even much of the gospel of Jesus Christ is now called "hate speech".)

    Go figure.

    *Source: Discussion on Deism emanating from: https://www.google.com/search?source...31.4Ro5cuV60Yg

    Clarence William Page is a political scientist and an Ordained Christian Minister (Baptist)

    Copyright© 2019 Clarence William Page

    Permission to reprint and/or republish this article is hereby granted.



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