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  • U.S. General Services Administration Launches New Cloud Information Center

    U.S. General Services Administration Launches New Cloud Information Center | site |

    New Initiative Creates Repository of All Things Cloud for Federal Agencies and Industry Partners

    (May 16, 2019) - - The U.S. General Services Administration says it has launched a new "Cloud Information Center". The announcement was made as follows:

    WASHINGTON, DC – The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) today launched its first central repository for cloud resources - the Cloud Information Center (CIC). The CIC is an interactive hub on the Acquisition Gateway that connects federal buyers with commercial cloud providers and delivers timely and strategic resources around fundamental cloud issues like security, technical capabilities, and implementation.

    The CIC was created to fully align GSA’s cloud offerings with OMB’s Cloud Smart Strategy (Cloud Smart), the President’s Management Agenda, and the Report to the President on IT Modernization. Cloud Smart focuses on how federal agencies can use cloud to effectively meet their mission-critical needs. It also addresses three common challenges agencies are facing along their cloud journey: enhancing security, streamlining procurement activities, and reskilling the workforce.

    “Getting agencies to the cloud is high priority for GSA and we’re committed to making sure they have the right tools and support to navigate the complex world of cloud acquisition,” said GSA Acting Assistant Commissioner of Information Technology Category, Bill Zielinski. “We’re developing the Cloud Information Center as a one-stop-shop for cloud resources so agencies can easily access the information they need to transition to the cloud.”

    The CIC is the culmination of GSA’s analysis of the current position of the federal cloud market and serves as a new cloud resource for federal agencies. Federal government users can access GSA’s market research as a service tool, best practices, review acquisition guidance, download templates, and collaborate with fellow decision-makers. Additionally, industry partners will soon be able to share information on their cloud capabilities with federal government customers via the CIC’s communities of interest forums. GSA is at the forefront of helping the government deploy cloud technologies through multiple channels including its Centers of Excellence (CoE) initiative.

    "Within the Centers of Excellence we believe it’s important to work with our industry partners to help translate the value proposition of the cloud as it relates to agency operations and missions," said GSA Executive Director of the Centers of Excellence, Bob DeLuca. “The Cloud Information Center will be a valuable resource for helping agencies make informed decisions as they transition to the cloud.”

    GSA will be continually assessing and updating the CIC as we receive user feedback and evaluate customer needs.

    Click here to access the CIC now.


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