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  • Political Prisoners in Nicaragua

    Political Prisoners in Nicaragua | site |

    (May 18, 2019) - - Today, Morgan Ortagus, Department Spokesperson of the U.S. Department of State, issued the following statement:

    More than 500 Nicaraguans unjustly languish in Daniel Ortega’s jails and courts on political charges. Yesterday, Nicaraguan police killed one of these political prisoners — U.S. citizen Eddy Montes.

    We vehemently condemn the killing of Mr. Montes. His death, the deaths of hundreds of innocent civilians at the hands of Ortega’s security and parapolice forces, and the continued detention of hundreds more political prisoners demonstrate the regime’s utter disregard for human life and democratic freedoms.

    We call for an immediate, thorough, and transparent investigation of Montes’s death. We reiterate our call for the unconditional release of all political prisoners. The United States will hold accountable the Ortega regime and Nicaraguan security forces involved in human rights abuses and violations.

    The U.S. government continues to stand with the Nicaraguan people in their ongoing struggle to restore respect for human rights and democratic governance in their country.


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