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  • EPA Launches Let’s Talk About Heat Challenge to Raise Awareness of Extreme Heat Risks

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Launches Let’s Talk About Heat Challenge to Raise Awareness of Extreme Heat Risks | site |

    Information contained in U.S. Environmental Protection Agency press release dated: June 6, 2022

    Washington - - Today, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) launched the Let’s Talk About Heat Challenge to protect public health by raising awareness of health risks from extreme heat. The challenge asks applicants to share innovative and effective messages about the health risks of extreme heat for our most at-risk communities. The Let’s Talk About Heat Challenge was developed in support of the National Climate Task Force's Extreme Heat Interagency Working Group, which is being led by EPA, NOAA, and HHS with support from the White House.

    “Extreme heat is a major threat to public health,” said EPA Administrator Michael S. Regan. “As we kick off the season and as we face even more record-breaking heat, we must ensure we are giving our community members the information and tools they need to stay safe and enjoy summer.”

    Extreme heat, when temperatures are much hotter than average, is an increasing problem for all parts of the United States. Over the last 30 years, heat has been the leading cause of weather-related deaths in the United States, and our changing climate means more parts of the country are likely to see extreme heat days in the future. The hotter temperatures are especially hard on children, older adults, outdoor workers and athletes, overburdened groups, and those already suffering from chronic illnesses. Extreme heat can compromise the body’s ability to regulate its temperature which can lead to heat cramps, heat exhaustion, heatstroke, and hyperthermia. Temperature extremes can also worsen chronic conditions, including cardiovascular, respiratory, and cerebrovascular disease and diabetes-related conditions.

    The Let’s Talk About Heat Challenge seeks innovative solutions that show how communities of different sizes and in different parts of the country create effective communication strategies to inform and warn people of the risks of extreme heat and offer ways to keep safe during the hottest days. The challenge is open now through July 22, 2022. Eligible participants include state, regional, Tribal, and local governments; nonprofits and community-based organizations such as faith-based, environmental, public health, or environmental justice organizations that have developed effective communication strategies; and individuals and groups. This challenge will award a total of $120,000 in prizes for up to 10 of the most innovative communication strategies.

    In addition to EPA, co-sponsors at NOAA, HHS, FEMA, and from external partner organizations, including the Atlantic Council, Georgetown Climate Center, Groundwork USA, and National Association of County and City Health Officials, have helped EPA design the challenge, will help select or serve on the judging panel, and will spread the word about the challenge to stakeholders and community groups.

    To learn more about the challenge and to apply, visit the Let’s Talk About Heat Challenge webpage.

    Register for an informational webinar on the challenge on June 22 at 2:00 p.m. ET.

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