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  • Winning by Surrendering

    Winning by Surrendering__________


    Winning by Surrendering


    Clarence William Page

    There are those instances in which the closest one can come to victory is surrender. It appears that the current state of immigration in the United States of America has brought us to one of those instances.

    Though this is not 1936 Madrid, Spain (and the particulars are somewhat reversed); there is, in my opinion, a "Hybrid Fifth Column" (HFC) in the United States of America that is determined that the Southern Border of the United States of America be open and uncontrolled. That Hybrid Fifth Column is so massive and powerful as to have thwarted almost every effort of the Trump Administration to get control of the Southern Border.

    When the most powerful nation in the world cannot control the flow of unarmed people coming across its border, there is something drastically wrong within that nation. This is the condition the United States of America finds itself in today.

    Clearly, the HFC will fight President Trump in his almost every effort to get control of America's Southern Border. Unless Trump is willing to expose himself to the greatest legal risks imaginable, he is fighting a losing battle. In normal circumstances, one would postulate that Trump's political party would back him and help deliver an immigration victory. Such postulation would, in my opinion, given the current nature of the U.S.- Mexico immigration "war", be viewed with askance by one who is wise.

    Because certain elements of the economies of some U.S. Southern Border States and certain economies of Mexico have (apparently) joined at the hip and merged; more than likely, economic interests of the HFC will continue to demand that Southern Border control be opposed and (at every opportunity) attacked and called "unAmerican".

    The HFC will pretend that it wants border control and even suggest certain protocols to effectuate such; but, in reality, it is likely that they are rather sure that such "suggested protocols" will be ineffective and will actually facilitate their current economic status quo with Mexico.

    I think President Trump realizes the untenable position in which he finds himself - - (it is extremely difficult to close the gate when a significant force within your corral is pushing to keep the gate open). In my opinion, this is exactly the situation in the United States of America today.

    Is surrender the answer? Will surrender bring the answer? Wrong questions! In my opinion, the United States of America surrendered decades ago. Out of the jaws of surrender, President Trump is trying to snatch victory (and the HFC appears determined to defeat each and every one of those attempts).

    The issues mentioned above are rather simple; however, the American immigration problem is much more complex. Apparently, immigration servicing (the processing, adjudication and resettlement of immigrants) has become a "bread and butter" issue for hundreds of thousands of Americans who work in, and are "fed" by that "industry". Need I say more about such "complexity"?

    Today, I heard reports which indicated that President Trump mentioned allowing the immigrants to just go to the so-called "sanctuary cities". I see that as a surrender; but, given the forces arrayed against President Trump, such a course of action may be his best path to "victory" (though it would be a devastating loss for the United States of America).

    Clearly, Trump's adversaries (who have fought him tooth and nail from the beginning of his entry into politics) plan to use every tool at their disposal to deny him victory in the America - Mexico immigration "war". If Trump decides to adopt the strategy of "winning by surrendering", the true loser will be the United States of America.

    On the other hand, Donald John Trump does not like to lose; so, the United States of America may be in a very rough ride.

    Clarence William Page is a political scientist. He is also the MoreHere.Org editor



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