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  • The Unusual Targeting of the Young Innocents

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    February 23, 2018

    The Unusual Targeting of the Young Innocents

    For more than forty years now there has been an unusual targeting of the young. In my opinion, that targeting is not a result of coincidence.

    Reportedly, since 1973 Americans have killed more than 55 million children in the mother's womb. That is a massacre of unfathomable proportion. The slaughter of young, living, growing, innocent, helpless, defenseless babies in the womb is shameful, evil and sinful beyond verbal description.

    As the 21st Century dawned on the horizon of time, targeting of the young in school massacres (in the United States of America!) shocked the entire world. More horrifying was the repeated frequency of the unimaginable slaughter. Now, another has occurred; and, the truth is, we don't really know what to do to stop them. Whatever we do about them will probably cost this nation an exorbitant amount of time, money and other resources.

    That we need to get back to the word of God is an understatement. (We truly do need to get back to the word of God.)

    Sane people don't go out and massacre people. Truly Saved people don't go out and massacre people. Most people that do not have guns (and are sane) do not kill a lot of people. So, who is doing this killing, and why?

    I am sure the law enforcement authorities, psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers of this nation have voluminous stacks of reports detailing what mass murderers told them were their motives. Yet, the carnage continues to occur. Clearly, we are not doing something right (or if we are doing the right things we are not doing them effectively).

    The Parkland, Florida massacre of February 14, 2018 appears to be an almost perfect storm of failure. It appears that at almost every juncture the system failed to effectively address the emerging threat. It is almost unbelievable!

    Then, there is the accusation against Almighty God. Why didn't God stop it? Why didn't God intervene? Why would God let children be slaughtered? Numerous unbelievers have posed those questions to me. I don't have the answer. I do, however, remember that the Holy scriptures teach that if we deny God He will deny us. (I am afraid America is denying God.) Sometimes God will remain silent until a people repent and return to Him. I think we need to repent and return to God. We ask God to bless America but much of America does not want to bless God.

    Much after-action quarterbacking will be done. (Some of us are after-action quarterbacking heroes.) Blame for the Parkland, Florida massacre will be put on many many things and on many people. More than likely, Officer Scot Peterson, the deputy allegedly on duty at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on that infamous day will get the most blame. Allegedly he was on site and did not move in and attempt to stop the killing. I wish he had moved in and tried to stop the killing. (Many of you wish he had also.) Had he moved in initially the carnage may not have been as quantitatively large. Yet, according to published reports, he did not move in. So the after-action quarterbacking has begun.

    Why did Officer Peterson not move in? I don't know. Would you have moved in? I was a U.S. military soldier. I first served as an Enlisted Man and then I went back in and served as a Commissioned Officer. The Army did not teach me to confront the enemy without first thinking about what I was doing. True, there are times when men have heroically flung themselves on grenades and other ordnance in order to protect their fellow soldiers. They became heroes by doing so but most received awards of heroism posthumously. What would I have done had I been Scot Peterson? As an after-action quarterback I can quickly and easily say that I would have moved in immediately and tried to stop the shooter. That is easy to say but would I have actually done that? Maybe not. I would have been asking myself, "Who is shooting?" "How many shooters are there"? "Where exactly are the shooter(s)?" "What kinds of weapons will I be facing when I go in there"? He could probably tell from the sounds of the firearm that it was (or they were) high-powered assault weapon(s). I would have been thinking, "If there are more than one and if they are in different classrooms and I go in there with nothing but a handgun and a few round of ammunition I don't have a chance." Plus, if I have already stepped over dead and dying bodies lying on the school yard, I surely would have thought twice before confronting 'I don't know whom and what'.

    A true hero would have rushed into that school's hallways (not knowing what he would confront) and tried to kill the shooter(s). A true fool would have done the same. (You and I probably are neither.)

    We must find ways to stop the carnage of our young people. Protecting them is our job. We are not doing our job very well.

    When we tell people that Almighty God commands, "Thou shalt not kill", many of them laugh at us and accuse us of being ignorant and unlearned charlatans. Most of them will not even take the time to look up the scripture references in the Holy Bible.

    Well, to me, "Thou shalt not kill" is one of the most important statements on Planet Earth. In case you have not looked it up, please take a little time and do so.

    13 Thou shalt not kill. (Exodus 20:13)

    17 Thou shalt not kill. (Deuteronomy 5:17)

    "Thou shalt not kill" (from Romans 13:9)

    We must stop the killing of our young people.

    Published by MoreHere.Org
    Clarence William Page, Editor
    02.23.2018 (This article is in the Public Domain.)



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